Factors In Choosing The Right Fire Alarm Systems

When it comes to choosing one from the many fire alarm systems available, it can be difficult. It is important to consider what is being offered as well as what is compatible with the needs of your company, commercial business or home. When it comes to selecting the right fire alarm system for your company or business in Illinois, you need to research what is available. Consider all the factors involved and take it from there.

What Does a Fire Alarm System Do?

A fire alarm system, no matter what type it may be, is designed to provide significant warning of the presence of fire. Its purpose is to provide notice to those in the building of the problem. Many fire alarms are an integral part of an entire system that provides both detection, warning and protective actions to the structure, its occupants and possessions.

An alarm system may also provide notice directly to a monitored control station. This may be either on or off site. Some signals go directly to a fire station. The information provides them with includes location and exact co-ordinates of the fire. This is no longer the usual approach adopted by companies in Illinois. It can result in a surplus of false calls.

What to Consider

When you decide on a fire alarm system, you have several options. The choices range in quality, price and sophistication. The first thing you need to consider is what type of system you want. Fire alarm systems may:

* Come with a detection system
* Maybe stand-alone
* Be a basic manual pull station sounding a local alarm. It relies on the individual to discover the fire and pull the lever
* Be technically advanced and include detection devices, intercom systems and sprinkler systems
* Be practical and applicable for the required use e.g. a fire alarm system for a hospital differs from that suited for a warehouse or even an office tower

You will have to ascertain not only what type of system is best for your home or business, but also what system is required by law.

Illinois law is specific on the installation of fire safety devices. It dictates that all residential apartments over three feet must have a fire extinguisher on every floor. The Smoke Detector Act (425 ILCS 60/) requires every “dwelling unit” and hotel to have a detector. These also act as a fire alarm, giving off a high-pitched beep when smoke reaches them. The law also covers such things ongoing and annual maintenance, as well as who can and cannot service and or test the fire alarm system.

Fire Alarm Systems

Several options for a building’s fire alarm system are available. The final choice will be made on a combination of factors including the budget, the construction of the building and the occupants and, of course, legislated requirements. To reduce the chances of selecting the wrong fire alarm systems, contact Illinois experts in the field, including the local fire officers, installation experts and even your lawyer.

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