Month: October 2011

Women’s health tips

People usually care a lot about their health and fitness when they reach the latter part of their life. Women love to look good and try everything possible to stay fit and young. Women concentrate more on their looks than their health. This is the reason to why many...

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Acne removal therapies

Acne is a very common issue. It is more prevalent in youngsters. There are many so called procedures and therapies for acne but only a few which actually work. There are prescription pills, topical lotions and cosmetic surgeries. If proper treatment of acne is not...

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Cycle your way to fitness

Cycling has always been widely accepted as a good fitness regime. It exercises many different parts and muscles of the body. The stamina gained from regular cycling is also very beneficial for your fitness. In today’s world there is hardly any time and barely any...

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Oral Hygiene = Healthy body.

One may not realize this and probably ignore them, but proverbs have this knack of coming and biting us hard on our backsides later in life. For example, ‘Health is wealth’. You choose to ignore this proverb at your own risk, literally. You cannot go ahead and think...

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