Custom Cast Bullets from the U.S.’s Leader in Lead Manufacturing

by | Nov 22, 2019 | Industrial Supply

There are occasions when an ammunition company, or private party, might need bullets for a that are not commonly available by retail. We have the capability to not only create bullets that are designed to your unique specifications, but also to produce high numbers of items quickly, without compromising on the quality of the product you receive.

At Mayco Industries we are experts in ammunition and projectiles. Along with our Lawrence Brand Shot and West Coast Magnum Shot, we offer a wide range of stock and custom bullet alloys as well as lead billets for extrusion and lead wire for bullet making.

Making Lead Bullets for the National Market

We have two plants operating in the U.S., each of which have the capacity to create a wid- range of lead-based products. Our team is highly skilled when it comes to working with lead, so no matter how demanding your specifications might be, we have the equipment and the people to provide what you are looking for. Our customers regularly include high-profile organizations that need complex lead solutions and we are proud of our reputation for meeting their specifications, no matter how rigorous.

Bullet Wire Delivered to Fit Your Schedule

If you are seeking to cast your own ammunition, we also provide a number of casitng alloys, including our popular bullet wire options. We also offer an excellent level of responsive customer care, including delivery capabilities. We align our goals with yours, making sure we provide the products you need, where you need them, in line with your schedule and for a highly competitive price.

Do Business with a Market Leader in Custom Cast Bullets

There are many advantages of working with an industry leader when it comes to getting the products you want. From significant capacity through to innovation, economies of scale and more, if you want economical, high-quality solutions for your lead products, we are your best option.

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