What’s Refurbished Medical Equipment?

by | Apr 12, 2016 | Medical Equipment

Refurbished medical equipment includes used medical equipment that’s refurbished by a third party agency or manufacturer then resold. Typically, the equipment is cheaper than new medical equipment that makes it attractive to medical clinics, hospitals, and doctors who are attempting to save money without having to compromise patient care. This type of equipment is for sale from manufacturers, via supply catalogs, and via agencies that organize medical equipment necessities for the health care sector. Also, it may be rented.

As individuals lease or buy refurbished medical equipment, this equipment might not be new, yet it’ll carry the backing of the company or manufacturer that refurbished it. The process of refurbishment involves a full inspection, replacement of all worn parts, recalibration, as well as general assessment to confirm the equipment is in good condition. It can’t be sold as “new” because it’s used and it might have cosmetic defects, yet it oftentimes operates like new.

Equipment comes with a guarantee

With some kinds of medical equipment, it is best to purchase new because the technology behind this equipment is quickly changing, and purchasing used equipment might place individual behind the curve. But, for other kinds of equipment, there isn’t reason not to purchase used, particularly as the equipment is available with a guarantee. Medical equipment that is refurbished may be significantly cheaper than new equipment, particularly if individuals want to purchase equipment with cosmetic issues such as chipped paint and scratches.

While purchasing refurbished medical equipment, individuals might have a chance to inspect it prior to sale, or they might sign an agreement indicating that if the equipment doesn’t meet their expectations, it may be returned. For instance, someone purchasing refurbished ultrasound machines through Jaken Medical Inc. would have the rights to return them if there was a cosmetic flaw that wasn’t advertised.

A popular use for such medical equipment is inside clinics within the developing world. Those facilities often are in dire need of medical equipment, and can’t afford new equipment. They might not require new equipment due to them lacking the infrastructure to support it or due to brand new equipment not being functionally different from equipment that is used, and the savings from purchasing used may permit them more opportunities; saved funds may be used to purchase other required medical supplies, fund clinic initiatives, or save up for something that absolutely has to be bought new.

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