The Importance of Keeping Your Kitchen Exhaust Clean

by | Oct 31, 2016 | Industrial Supply

If you run a commercial kitchen, you no doubt are aware of the many fire hazards of such a facility. Commercial kitchens are home to gas flames, gas lines and extreme heat. Fire prevention and protection equipment is critical to maintaining a safe kitchen. Maintaining this equipment properly and ensuring everything is kept clean is critical to safety.

One aspect of protecting your kitchen you might not have thought of is the importance of keeping your kitchen exhaust clean. Your kitchen exhaust can get very dirty and clogged, creating a fire hazard. Here are some tips for ensuring you keep your exhaust in good working order.

Be sure grease filters are properly installed. Grease filters can be the first line of defense against fire. Be sure these are properly installed by a fire protection company, and that they are kept clean. They must be installed at a 45-degree angle and must be at least 18 1/2 inches above the cooking equipment. Failure to install these at a high enough level can allow fires to develop quickly when you have a high flame during cooking.

Make sure ductwork is regularly cleaned. Grease can accumulate in ductwork, as well, creating an additional fire hazard. Ductwork should be cleaned during routine kitchen exhaust cleaning. Be sure the kitchen has adequate access panels to allow easy access to duct work.

Be sure the exhaust system is sufficient for the kitchen. Keeping your exhaust system clean will be nearly impossible if the system is not adequate for the size of the kitchen, and the amount of equipment. Work with your professional fire protection equipment company to ensure your system is adequate, particularly after expansion or adding new equipment. In addition to the smoke from cooking flames, commercial kitchens require proper exhaust systems to remove the carbon monoxide that accumulates, as well. Failure to remove the carbon monoxide properly creates an unsafe work environment for kitchen employees.

When you have your kitchen exhaust fans cleaned, make sure other parts of your fire protection system work properly, too. Having this regular schedule set up will help you to ensure your entire kitchen is safe.

Your fire protection equipment company is your ally in ensuring your kitchen is safe. Many perform kitchen exhaust cleaning services to help restaurants stay ahead of grease and grime that can contribute to kitchen fires. Rely on your fire protection company to help you with kitchen exhaust cleaning in Iowa, so that you’re certain your kitchen is safe for your patrons and for your workers.

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