Shelving Solutions – Open Vs Closed Steel Shelves

by | Jun 7, 2017 | Industrial Supply

Many warehouses today rely on storage media like shelving and racks. They’re especially important for keeping small parts in warehouses with mezzanines and more than one level. Steel shelves are some of the best materials you can use for shelving solutions. However, should you go with open or closed shelves for your warehouse? Let’s look closer at each option to discover their pros and cons.

Are Shelving Solutions the Best Choice?

Not every company can benefit from shelves. In fact, if you use stretch wrappers or palletizers for your loads, they are probably too large for most steel shelves. However, if you have products like tools, parts, or catalogs, shelves offer the best kind of storage. You can adjust shelves in different ways, and you have many options for sizes. For instance, some shelves are as wide as four feet and have a depth of three feet. You can choose shelves with capacities are heavy as 1200 pounds.

Closed Shelves

A closed shelf has backs and sides, and you can only access it from one side, which is usually the front. If organization is not important and you have a lot of loose items for storage, closed shelves are a good choice. For example, you can use the back, sides, and insert dividers to make sure your parts stay separated. In fact, you may create separate storage areas within each shelf.

Are your materials heavy? If so, you may want to consider closed shelves. Because they have sides and backs that are sturdy and strong and have excellent support.

Open Shelves

Do you want the most cost-effective shelving solutions for your warehouse? Open shelves are inexpensive because they use fewer materials. Accessibility is a plus because you can gain access your shelves from the front or back. This makes them a good choice for mezzanines and small spaces.

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