Visiting East Village Opticians To Pick Out New Glasses

When someone wishes to purchase a new pair of glasses, they will want to visit one of the East Village Opticians to get a checkup beforehand. After a prescription is obtained, a new pair of frames can be selected. It is important to pick out a pair of frames that match the specific face shape the person has, for the best appearance. Here are some steps one can take when picking out frames to ensure they look great.

Determine The Face Shape

Before a pair of frames is selected, it is best to decide what shape the face most closely depicts. This can be done by taking a photograph and tracing the face onto a piece of paper. Knowing what shape the face looks like most will help the person pick out a pair of frames that will blend into their face rather than stick out where the overall appearance looks awkward.

Look At The Selections Available

When picking out frames, someone with a round face should pick a pair of frames with a rectangular appearance. Someone with a square or rectangular face should do the opposite and pick out frames where each lens has an oval or circular appearance. Trying on the different varieties available will allow the person to determine which frame looks best for their face shape.

Consider The Coloring And Style

If someone wishes to be unique from the norm, they may want to consider picking out colored frames or frames with the decor at the temples. Many enjoy purchasing designer frames as these are relatively inexpensive compared to designer clothing while allowing them to show off the brand name to those they come into contact with.

The best way to pick out new frames is by trying on several pairs with recommendations from one of the East Village Opticians in the area. They will best know what suits a specific face shape and will be more than happy to help find frames within a specific price range. Contact Charlotte Jones Opticians or stop in to schedule an appointment for an eye exam and to pick out new glasses frames if desired.

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