Tips For Choosing Glasses Frames in New York City

When choosing Glasses Frames in New York City, the shape of the face is the most important consideration. Choosing the right frame will help a person gain confidence and ensure they love their new glasses and will enjoy wearing them every day.

The Shape of the Face Should Determine the Glasses

No matter the shape of a person’s face, there is an eyeglass frame that will bring out a person’s best features. It is important an individual understands the different facial shapes so they can make sure they choose a frame that will enhance their face shape and give them a look they want.

* Oval faces have a wider forehead and a chin that is narrower than the forehead. This type of face needs a frame that is bold on the bridge and has a geometric shape.

* Round faces generally have a width and length that are almost the same. A round face looks best with frames that are squarish, angular, or rectangular.

* A heart-shaped face has a wider forehead and a narrower jawline and chin. Low-set temples and frames that are bottom heavy are best for this face shape.

* Square shaped faces have jaw lines and foreheads that are the same width. Those with this facial shape needed rounded frames that take away from the angularity of their face.

Skin Tone Is Important Too

Once a person has chosen the correct shape for their lenses, they will need to decide on the color. Color choices should be based on the skin tone for the best look possible. Those with a yellow, golden, or bronze tone to their skin have a warm skin tone. The best frame colors for this skin tone are light turquoise, rich browns, olive green, golden, and honey.

Those with pink or blue undertones have cool skin tones. This skin tone looks best with frames that are silver, black, gray, pink, purple, and mauve.

Check Them Out Today

If you are in need of Glasses Frames in New York City, these tips will help you choose the perfect frame for your face shape and skin tone so you will look your very best. Contact Charlotte Jones Opticians to get started.

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