Shotguns for Women: 3 Factors to Consider

by | Jun 17, 2019 | guns

Women have taken a more assertive role throughout the years in choosing guns for power, reliability, hunting, and self-defense purposes. When it comes to choosing the right shotgun, there are factors every person should take into consideration. For women who are not used to recoil and manual operation, they should choose the shotgun that feels right to them to shoot. Whether you’re looking for a KelTec KSG for sale or a good old-fashioned Remington, finding the right shotgun will likely take time, patience, and plenty of practice.

1.) Gauge and recoil

One of the primary factors in deciding what kind of shotgun to carry as a woman is the gauge size and recoil of the gun. While many women can handle any caliber and don’t mind the recoil, they also tend to be women who spend plenty of time at the range or hunting. If that’s not you, you’ll want to look into a smaller gauge shotgun for yourself.

Unlike the calibers of rifles and handguns, the higher the gauge, the smaller the bore diameter. For instance, a 20-gauge cartridge is going to be much smaller than a 12-gauge, unlike a .45 caliber bullet compared with a 9mm bullet.

For home defense, most women feel comfortable choosing a 20-gauge shotgun because the recoil is much lower. For women who are extremely petite, this will help you aim more accurately, and the stopping power is more than enough for home defense purposes.

2.) Length and weight

The length and weight of the shotgun are also important factors to consider when trying out different shotguns. Many tactical shotguns, including the best KelTec KSGs for sale, employ plenty of power with relatively lightweight qualities. A shorter barrel is also easier to maneuver in your home, especially in the dark.

A shotgun barrel can range from 18″to 30″. In the interest of home defense purposes, the shorter the barrel, the better.

You also need to think about the pull-length of the shotgun, which in short terms is the length between the butt of the gun and the trigger. The farther you have to reach to pull that trigger, the less accurate and the more unsure you will be. You also need to be able to reach all of the controls, so the rifle needs to fit your body, arm length, and hands well.

The weight of the gun is also important, especially when it’s loaded. A loaded shotgun can weigh between 2 and 3 pounds more than an unloaded one. If the gun is too heavy to lift comfortably, your accuracy and confidence in your shoot will suffer.

3.) Operation

There are two styles of operation for shotguns: pump-action and semi-automatic. There are pros and cons to each.

While many will live or die by the pump-action shotgun, it does have its drawbacks as a home defense weapon. A pump-action shotgun means you need to slide the action back and forth to load each shell into the chamber. The chamber window is usually open, and if you’re not well-practiced, a tip of the gun in the wrong direction can knock the shell out of the chamber. If one hand is injured, it’s also extremely difficult to load a pump-action shotgun.

However, if you practice enough, you can rapid-load a pump-action shotgun like no one’s business. Nothing is more lightning-fast than an experienced pump-action shooter. The sound of a shotgun being racked is also a showstopper. Nothing says, “Freeze” in the middle of the night like the click clack of a shotgun being loaded.

Semi-automatic shotguns are much easier to shoot and function much like a semi-automatic pistol. You don’t have to reload manually, you can fire with one hand, and they cycle through the rounds quickly. They also have less recoil than a pump-action.

However, they are notoriously problematic if they are not well-maintained, jamming constantly. They are also ammunition-sensitive and can cycle through ammunition too quickly, leaving you vulnerable.

Final thoughts

The best way to decide on a shotgun, especially for home defense, is to head down to the range and try a few out. From there, check out the best deals online for shotguns and ammunition.

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