Safety Features Commonly Found on Handguns in Louisville, KY

by | Apr 7, 2017 | guns

Many people in the area around Louisville are avid hunters, with some tracing their history with the sport back to their early years. Hunting can certainly be rewarding, and it can also expose participants to other kinds of sporting activities that can be satisfying in their own ways. Many avid hunters, for example, find that owning and shooting pistols can be a good way of spending free time. Suppliers of Handguns in Louisville KY like Knob Creek Gun Range make it easy for anyone looking to make the move from rifles and shotguns to do so.

While most hunters looking into a first pistol purchase will have a solid grounding in the basics, there will also generally be some things to learn. The safety systems various weapons are equipped with, for example, vary not just from one particular model to another; but also tend to do so across different classes of firearms. Particularly with handguns, which are designed to be carried safely while stowed away on the owner’s person, the variety of safety systems available will not always intersect with the set someone already familiar with rifles might be well versed in.

Some of the most popular Handguns in Louisville KY, in fact, come equipped with safety features that would simply not be practical or effective with rifles. The famous 1911 design, for example, incorporates a grip-based safety that becomes activated only once that portion of the weapon is securely held in the hand. Generally running almost the full length of the grip in most versions of the 1911, this safety system helps to ensure that the pistol will only fire when intended.

Other kinds of safety systems that are commonly seen on handguns also appear much less frequently, or not at all, on different types of firearms. Polymer-based Glock pistols that are so popular with law enforcement and many civilian shooters, for example, incorporate three-stage internal safeties that are more or less unique to that manufacturer. At the same time, many handguns also include manually operated safety switches that will be more familiar to many rifle owners.

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