An Introduction to the Evolving World of Search Engine Marketing

by | Jun 18, 2019 | SEO

Since the dawn of the internet, search engine marketing has been a thing. In the beginning, there were many search engines, and their algorithms were on the simplistic side. Just putting a word on a page could trigger some popularity from search engines, and “black hat” SEO experts knew this, so they exploited it to their advantage. These days, search engines are a billion-dollar industry and worldwide juggernaut of information and cash flow. They utilize some of the most sophisticated computer systems ever created, and their goal is to make sure that they deliver quality content to the people using them.

Google is a huge word in search engine marketing and comprises over 88 percent of the world market share. If you have a website, a Chicago search engine marketing firm can help you increase visibility for that website on Google and the many other search engines out there. Google is still the most visible of them all, though, and all roads to success run through Google. In general, today’s algorithms are so sophisticated that you usually need a professional firm to handle your SEO duties. Just Google alone now has geo-targeting services, reviews, shopping sections, and many other intricate areas such as image searches that can affect the popularity of your website when it appears in search engines.

Ranking will be what you’re looking at, and page one is always your goal. As search engine marketing continues to evolve, there will be thousands of other factors to consider, more in-depth content marketing, and a host of other duties to take care of. When you turn all of these duties over to a Chicago search engine marketing firm like SEO Solutions, you put your website on the path to success. You can visit our website at to learn more about our services.

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