Advantages Of Furnace Brazing Parts

When it comes to the joining of parts of the same or of two different metals, brazing is one of the most effective methods available. As it uses capillary action to draw the melted brazing filler into the joint, it creates a final join that is complete and consistent throughout the joint and as strong or stronger than either of the two sides.

With any type of brazing, the filler metal is carefully selected to melt at a temperature lower than the metal or metals to be joined. This means there is no structural change in the pieces that are being welded, and no distortion or additional stress introduced through the process.

Brazing can be done individually for parts, but it can also be done in large batches. Furnace brazing provides a cost-effective, precise option to braze large orders of simple to complex joints using a continuous feed method or belt system that moves the parts through the placement of the filler, the time spent in the furnace and then through controlled cooling in one ongoing process.

Automation for Cost Reduction

The top companies offering furnace brazing, particularly those with the capacity for high volume orders, tend to use automation in both prepping the parts, applying the brazing paste, and then feeding the parts through the furnace and cooling process.

With the automated control of the process, there is greater quality control and precision joining of parts. For large orders, this can amount to significant reducing in production costs for the OEM.

Multiple Joints in a Single Process

It is not uncommon for complicated or simple parts to require more than one joint. With the use of furnace brazing, it is possible to join multiple parts and components with one single pass through the furnace.

Brazing, either in the furnace or manually, also allows the option to join materials that cannot be welded or soldered. Ideal for many applications, including for small parts for electronics or large aerospace parts and components, brazing through automation is a process worth considering.

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