Understanding How to Order and Residential Heating Oil in Madison

Of the various types of fuel, people can use to heat their homes, the price of natural gas tends to remain the most consistent over the cold months. For various reasons, the price of propane gas is more prone to fluctuate. The cost per gallon of heating oil in Madison is connected with the price of crude oil. When those prices are high, heating a home with an oil furnace costs more than usual.

How Oil Furnaces Work

Oil furnaces work similarly to the way gas furnaces do. A thermostat signals the furnace to ignite and heat burners with the fuel. The burners then warm the air inside the appliance. The warm air then is sent through ducts into registers throughout the house.

Heating Oil Delivery

Heating oil in Madison is delivered by truck instead of through a pipeline, as is the case with natural gas. Propane gas is also delivered by truck. Homeowners must become customers of a supplier and arrange for delivery of these fuels, either with a seasonal contract or a pay-as-you-go setup. Not all oil delivery companies allow single deliveries and no contract, so people looking for this option may need to contact more than one supplier. The cost per gallon usually is higher with this option as well.

Energy Assistance

Some low-income rural dwellers have the misconception that they cannot use energy assistance to buy heating oil. However, states do allow this. They send the money directly to the supplier of choice, after which the company brings a delivery of oil matching the amount paid. In an emergency, the agency representative may call the supplier and confirm the amount approved so delivery can be made quickly.

Delivery Companies With Furnace Technicians

When homeowners contract with a company like East River Energy for heating oil delivery, they gain the advantage of hiring an organization that is qualified to maintain, repair and installs heating and cooling equipment. This way, they can work with the same company whether they need to set up oil delivery for the season or call for emergency furnace repair on a cold winter night.

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