Trucking Brokerage Companies And The Major Players In The Industry

by | Jun 9, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

If you have any goods in your home or office, chances are they arrived in your part of the country by truck. The goods may have also relied on rail or boat, but, in the end, they appeared in the retailer via a truck. Trucks rule the world of shipping. Trucking brokerage companies fuel the ability of shipping firms to meet the demand of their customers. The overall size and scope of the industry is quite overwhelming as each of the major players ensures it performs its role.

What is a Trucking Broker?

A trucking broker is an individual or a company that uses its skill and contacts to bring together two parties. These are:

1. The shipper that needs to transport the goods
2. The trucking firm that can and wants to provide transportation for the shipper

This is an invaluable service. Without it, the industry would be chaotic. Brokers help the both parties fulfill their contracts. Some trucking firms and even shippers often utilize the services of one specific trucking broker company rather than try to reach a satisfactory solution on their own.

The Major Players in the Shipping Industry

Each industry has one or more players. Some of these individuals or companies play minor roles. Others are major players in the industry. In shipping, key players exist. These are:

* Freight Forwarder: These companies or individuals do not arrange for shipments. They simply consolidate the various loads of freight into a single one and send it on employing a variety of intermodal shipping methods

* Motor Carrier: This describes the company that provides trucks for the shipper. It may be private or for hire

* Shipper: This is the individual or business requesting transportation for its products or goods.

* Trucking Brokerage Companies: This is the company (or individual) that connects the freight shipper with the freight carrier. It is an intermediary role in the shipping business. They combine their knowledge of technology and their contacts with people in the industry to provide shipping solutions that satisfy both the shipper and the transportation company.

These are the major players in the industry, but are not the only ones involved in the transportation of goods from one part of the country to another or around the globe.

Trucking Brokerage Companies

The trucking industry features various individuals and companies. All play a role in ensuring the goods make it safely from Point A to Point B. While shippers and transport companies are significant, others are required to make the relationship between the two. In today’s modern transporting system, the go—between, the ultimate arrangers are trucking brokerage companies.

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