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by | Jun 9, 2016 | Tanning Beds

In any tanning salon, offering your customers and clients the luxury of choosing from the top tanning products and the hottest new brands is always an important consideration. Tanning lotions and accessories such as tanning eyewear, sunglasses and even teeth whitening systems may not make up the bulk your daily profits, but they do add to the custom experience and also provide great sales opportunities.

One of the most popular options in salon tanning products today is the line of Kardashian tanning lotion. There is actually a full line of products from glow intensifiers to bronzers as well as tan extenders.

Why These Sell
There are several good reasons to stock the line of Kardashian tanning lotion products. They are always top sellers because of the famous Kardashian name, but also because of the great marketing behind these products.

Each product is beautifully packaged. Small individual use packages of the products are available that feature the same colors and patterns as the larger product options. They typically come with a standard bottle top or they may have a built-in pump.

The individual product pouches for single use are very big sellers in tanning salons. They are low priced, which makes them a great giveaway or trial sample type of product for regular customers and salon members.

Once people try the sample pouches, having the larger bottles on hand can allow you to increase your sales of these products.

The Benefits
There are several different advantages offered by the various Kardashian tanning lotion options. The bronzers tend to include a product marketed as RejuvacellTM Complex, which is advertised to regenerate skin cells and add to the natural glow of younger looking skin.

Special compounds also prevent the shiny or oil look left by some bronzers and tanning lotions, so the overall look is one of a glow, not a shiny or greasy look to the skin.

Finally, all of the Kardashian lines of tanning lotions also have compounds in the lotion that hydrate the skin, which not only creates a smooth look but also assists in keeping the skin naturally healthy and soft.

Of course, the line also offers a range of tanning products and bronzers that will leave the skin a lighter to darker golden color. Rapid bronzing is possible with the use of the black bronzes, which are free from parabens and gluten, also a selling plus for many of your customers and clients.

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