Basic Dating Tips Singles Should Know

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Dating

Trying to look for love or companionship with the help of matchmaking services isn’t old news. With the rise of single people in the U.S.—about 107 million people across the country are single, reports the Census Bureau—more Singles in NH now turning to matchmakers to get the help they need in their personal lives.

However, no matter how excellent your matchmaker is, if you’re not upping your conversation game, all those dates might not lead to the results you expect. Here are some ways to improve your conversational skills:

Never overshare

Depending on the occasion or your date, that could come across as desperate, which is the last thing you want to do. You want to retain some mystery, intrigue your date into calling you and asking you out on a second lunch or dinner.

Don’t keep checking your phone

Show how interested you are by being engaged in the conversation. If you keep checking your phone, you’re telling your date you aren’t interested. You likely won’t see your date after that.


There’s nothing like exceptional conversation to get the sizzles and attraction going. But that’s only possible if you listen. So before you step into the room, leave your preconceptions and biases behind. Just try to listen. You and your date will have more fun that way.

Give it time

For busy people, matchmaking helps you keep to your schedule. But don’t think it’ll happen right away. Invest time in your personal life in the same way you do in your professional one. Slow down. There’s no rush. You can talk. You have time.

Be yourself

Be comfortable in your skin. Confidence is always attractive and can be sexier than being a size four or having a full head of hair.

So don’t leave all the work to your matchmaker. Boost your conversational skills to get your dates to ask you out again.

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