Superior Court Judges of California

The state of California has a very large judicial system. In fact, it is the largest in the United States, with more than 39 million people residing in 59 counties being served. With so many state residents, California needs almost 2,000 Judges of the Superior Court in California to manage and hear a large number of cases and hearings that filter through the California Court system.

Judicial Terms

Each county in California has a Superior Court. A judge of the Superior Court in California serves a term of six years and is either elected or appointed by the governor.

Judge Education

Every judge appointed or elected as a judge of the Superior Court in California must have earned a Juris Doctorate from an accredited law school in California and have been practicing law for ten years prior to the appointment or election for a judgeship.

Superior Court Docket

California’s Superior Court is a trial court with more than 6 million cases filed each year. Some counties have specialty courts within the Superior Court to handle specific types of cases. In all cases, a judge of the Superior Court in California will preside over the proceedings.

The Superior Court will hear both civil and criminal cases. A lawsuit from a Superior Court can be appealed to the next higher court.

The Life of a Superior Court Judge

A judge of the Superior Court in California begins the day before 8 a.m. and reviews the cases for that day. Many lawyers will try to convince the judge to rule a certain way. Sometimes arguments will get loud and heated with the judge intervening. Their day is full and runs on a tight schedule, and often the day will run does not end until late in the evening, and then it starts all over again the next business day.

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