Signs It Is Time To Upgrade Log Mill Equipment

Every timber and lumber processing company strives to produce more while keeping costs down. Often, making the choice to upgrade to new log mill equipment is a difficult decision, particularly when lumber prices are down.

However, there are some critical signs to watch for that make replacing log mill equipment an essential consideration. Knowing what to look for and when to make the replacement to maximize the sale value of existing equipment can make the upgrade more cost-effective.

Creating Bottlenecks in Processing

Old equipment may not be able to keep pace with new equipment in the sawmill. It is not uncommon for older equipment to create processing bottlenecks, which limits the production capacity of the entire mill.

Decreased production or limiting production is always a factor of the slowest equipment, and replacing this equipment and boosting production can generate revenue to more than pay for the new equipment over a short period of time.

Increased Maintenance Requirements and Downtime

It is no surprise that older log mill equipment is more likely to require substantial maintenance and repairs. It is also more likely to have part and components that fail, which can result in downtime across the entire operation.

When older equipment is costing time and money, it is a sign that upgrading to new equipment should be a priority.

Inability to Process Logs Efficiently

New technology and advanced options in hydraulic systems, automated controls, and even in precision cutting, increases the efficiency of all types of equipment used in sawmill operations.

By upgrading to new systems and technology, it is easier to expand the size and options in logs and timber that the equipment can process. New equipment can also be customized to meet the sawmill requirements, which further increases both the efficiency as well as the options for the operation.

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