Yes You Can Sell Broken IPhones and Other Devices for Cash

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Electrical

So you have a phone or mobile device, maybe a nice IPhone that is a few years old, but it has stopped working. You think it over and decide it is not worth trying to get it fixed and you want to just buy a new one. Have you ever stopped to think if you can sell broken IPhones and other devices for cash? Well the answer is yes, yes you can- and there are several ways you can go about it!

Online Sale Sites – There is a growing number of places online where you can sell your mobile phones and other devices. The company tells you what they will give you for your phone and then you send it to them and they send you a check or make a deposit right into your bank account. It is quick and easy and is a good way to put some extra spending money into your account.

Electronic Refurbishing – Many electronic stores today offer refurbishing services and repairs for their customers. These places will often buy back non-working phones and electronics at a reduced price and then use them to do the repairs and refurbishing of other phones and devise that they have. A repair that might be too expensive for you is something they can do easily and then resell as a refurbished piece to another customer. Many cities now have electronic shops that offer these services and will let you sell broken IPhones and other devices to them.

Parts and Scraps – Just like there are people and companies that will haul way your old washer and dryer to use as scrap metal or for parts, you can do the same often times with your electronics. They can sell the different parts to other companies or they can take the metal and other elements and sell them as scraps. Some non-profit and charity groups will do this with old phones and electronics as a way to raise money so you can also look for any of these groups in your area.

When you have old broken phones and electronics you need to get rid of you have several options available to you. One place to get started is by heading over to Sellyt and checking out their various prices and offerings online and see what you could get by choosing to sell broken IPhones and other devices to them!

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