Overhead Crane Systems for Heavy Lifting Applications

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Cranes

overhead crane systems, also known as bridge cranes, are a commonly used piece of equipment for material handling. This system can safely and effectively move materials from one point to the next while offering versatility and adaptability for any industrial environment. This type of crane systems is best used and most effective when there are issues with head room in a shop that has low headroom and needs more space.

Overhead Crane System Uses and Benefits
This type of crane is typically used in a manufacturing environment and in maintenance applications where downtime and efficiency are major factors. They are commonly used to handle steel, raw materials, and other heavy components for steel refinement or in the automotive industry for parts handling.

A bridge crane systems consists of 3 major parts including:
  * Bridge crane – goes across the runway
  * Hoist and trolley – traverses across the bridge and also lifts up and down
  * Runway – this component is tied and secured to the bridge structure.

This type of system is built to sustain a variety of work environments and can be used for a wide range of lifting and hoisting applications. With overhead cranes, there is no need to clear out aisle ways or paths for the crane. The overhead crane can get around a variety of debris and obstructions with relative ease. Overhead cranes are also versatile in the sense that they can accommodate a wide range of below the hook accessories like spreader bars or c-hooks.

Overhead crane systems are also designed to handle heavier loads of material, while allowing the operator to keep a safe distance since the load can be rigged and then controlled at a safer distance. With the ability to carry such heavy loads, you can also increase productivity. Bridge cranes are also very inexpensive to operate, especially if you choose a manual operation system, which will require no energy requirements.

Types of Overhead Crane Systems
These types of crane systems can be manufactured to fit a variety of shops and applications. Two common type include the Electric Overhead Traveling Crane (EOT), which is electrically operated via control pendant, an operator in the cabin, or radio remote pendant. The other common type is the Rotary Overhead Crane where one end of the bridge is secured to a fixed pivot and the other on an annular track.

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