LED Rail Lighting Provides Safety and Energy Savings

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Electronics Manufacturer

LED rail lighting is a crucial light source used for railway signaling applications. These LEDs are installed or used as a replacement for older lighting systems and deliver a reliable light source or signal that enhances safety to not only the train operator, but also pedestrians and drivers by helping prevent accidents.

LED Lighting vs. Incandescent Lighting for Rail Systems
LED stands for light emitting diode, meaning it is a type of bulb that emits a clear and bright light. These lights are available in a range of colors, such as red, making them a perfect fit for rail lighting. In order to emit light, an LED uses an electrified semi-conductor as a source. This type of lighting can be designed to function independently, whereas incandescent bulbs cannot.

Incandescent bulbs emit light by heating a thin piece of wire, called a filament, with the help of electricity, until the filament is glowing hot. The filament is not as resilient as the LED bulb, and can easily have a blow out, ceasing function. If the fixture housing the incandescent bulb is bumped, shook, or struck, it can cause the filament to break, whereas an LED bulb does not contain a filament. This makes LED rail lighting more durable and reliable for applications where reliable lighting is crucial to safety and where the bulbs may be exposed to the harsh elements.

Saving money is always a factor and by using an LED lighting system, you can save on energy costs. LED bulbs draw less energy to function when compared to an incandescent bulb’s energy consumption. Although an LED has a higher price for set-up, it pays for itself with the energy saving abilities, long life span, and low maintenance required compared to incandescent bulbs, off-setting the initial costs for set-up.

LED Rail Lighting – Customizable and Convenient
In addition to saving on energy costs, LED lamps can be engineered and customized to suit the needs of your rail lighting application. This type of lighting can also be used to easily replace incandescent lighting systems, with no alteration of the existing equipment. LED rail lighting can provide long-term and reliable lighting to ensure safety and top-notch performance in a variety of rail applications such as weak route signaling, speed signaling, position light signaling and barrier lighting.

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