Mowing and Trimming in Gig Harbor WA: A Landscaper’s Job

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Health

Caring for one’s lawn can immensely improve the beauty of the home. At the most basic level, lawn care means mowing the grass. As one cares more about the lawn, one moves into trimming, fertilizing, and landscaping, which can include installing waterfalls, ponds, or fountains. Some choose to have rock gardens interspersed with bunches of flowers or flowers with a stone walkway. The landscaping business specializes in creating an oasis of beauty and peace in all yards, whether front or back.

Lawn services, including Mowing and trimming in Gig Harbor encompass a much broader range than may originally be suspected. For example, some businesses offer raking and blowing leaves, trash and leaf removal, lime application, lawn aeration, and the installation of sod. Landscaping services can include planting annuals and perennials, mulching and shaping gardens, and fertilizing shrubs and trees. Choosing a lawn service that offers mowing and trimming in Gig Harbor is difficult because of the commonality of the business. However, there are tips consumers can use to differentiate businesses for the best lawn results.

Though most companies guarantee customer satisfaction, one should ask whether the company covers any damages made to the lawn caused by the service. One should also ask for referrals from satisfied customers, how long the company has been in business, and how many repeat customers it has. If one has chosen a business, one should have a written contract drawn up detailing the services included along with the total price. Flexibility in usual services may be important if one does not mind a few weeks or a later fall fertilization.

Ask about employee training programs, applicators’ experience, and whether the applicators are certified. Some employees are trained very little, though they should have an understanding of the types of grasses, insects, diseases, and weeds. Most importantly, one should ask for proof of liability coverage to avoid personal property damage if it is incurred by the company. Brookside Landscape & Design is one such lawn care service that does Mowing and trimming in Gig Harbor. This company has been around for over 50 years and includes a portfolio of completed landscapes so potential customers can view its work.

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