Tips To Help eep Your Septic Tank Cleaning In Bellingham WA To A Minimum

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Health

Having septic tank cleaning in Bellingham WA is a very important part of having a septic system. When a professional comes to clean your tank, they basically will empty all of the sludge that has accumulated in the tank since the last time it was cleaned. This typically needs to be done every two or three years, although it might have to happen more often if you have a small tank or a large household. You want to have regular inspections to monitor the sludge level and make sure that the entire system is working well. This allows the septic company to catch small problems before they become huge problems. That being said, however, you are a homeowner by far have the most impact on the need for septic tank cleaning in Bellingham WA. The less “bad stuff” that goes into the tank itself, the less often it will have to be cleaned. And of course you also do not want to take a chance at plugging any of your pipes or valves with junk that has no need to be there.

For example, there is no need for you to put fats and oils down the drain. When you drain your hamburger or your bacon, do not put those drippings down the sink. They solidify quickly once they cool off and then that solid fat just builds up and clogs your pipes and if it should happen to reach the tank itself, it clogs valves and also will cause more buildup of the sludge at the bottom of the tank. Instead, drain that grease into a container where it can be taken out to your regular trash and then disposed of properly. You also want to avoid putting large amount of detergents, drain cleaners, and bleaches down the drain. You especially want to avoid putting pesticides, paint thinner, engine oil, or other toxic chemicals down the drain to head out to your septic system. These sorts of things can be very corrosive to metal so you are practically asking for holes in your pipes and in the tank itself, which you definitely do not want to do. Beyond that, you might be releasing these chemicals into the environment. Lastly, you might be completely upsetting the fragile ecology of your tank that is designed to break down waste and then it will fill faster and you will need more frequent septic tank cleaning in Bellingham WA.

Although regular septic tank cleaning in Bellingham WA is not terribly inconvenient or expensive, why as a homeowner would you want it done more often? No, avoiding septic tank cleaning in Bellingham WA as much as possible is a great idea so being careful of what you dump down the sink and other pipes in your home is definitely a good idea.

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