Important Things to Know about Modern Sporting Rifles

by | May 11, 2016 | guns

Sporting rifles like the AR 15 are becoming some of the most popular weapons in the United States today. They offer a great deal of versatility and you can customize these guns in hundreds of different ways ( custom AR hanguards for example). Here are some important things to know about these rifles if you plan to own one or improve the AR15 you currently own.

What is an AR 15?

The AR is a sporting rifle which resembles some military weapons. However, these rifles are not assault weapons like ones found in the military. In fact, there are many misconceptions floating around today about AR and military assault rifles. “AR” does not mean assault rifle or nor does it refer to automatic rifle. AR refers to the original manufacturer from the 50s, Armalite.

AR sporting rifles are designed to function as semi automatic weapons. They are not “machine guns” nor should they be confused with any kind of fully automatic weapon. These guns fire one round at a time, every time you pull the trigger.


It is completely legal to own one of these guns. In fact they are legal in every state, unlike fully automatic weapons (which have been illegal since the 1930s). Of course, as with most firearms you must be able to pass an extensive background check before you can legally purchase them.


Many people prefer sporting rifles because of the customizing options. Special kits are available which include AR handguards, stocks, sights, scope rings and much more. Some accessories make it much easier to add extras to your weapon while others enhance the shooting experience.


You can use an AR15 for many different purposes. For example:

 * Home defense – a sporting rifle is an excellent home defense weapon. Even though it is a long range rifle you can purchase special sights for close range shooting. This makes it very easy to hit targets which are nearby. The AR is very easy to handle and shoot. There is not a lot of preparation required before shooting.

 * Safety – owning a rifle is much safer than a handgun. In fact, most accidental home shootings are done with handguns.

 * Hunting – your home defense weapon can also be an excellent hunting gun. It is light and easy to carry with you. Plus, it can shoot from long range and you can fit it with many different options like AR handguards for hunting and adjustable scope rings.

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