How to Find the Best Custom Shirts for Any Occasion

by | Nov 10, 2015 | Men's Clothing Store

When you are buying custom shirts, you need them to be of the highest quality and look smart and professional. How can you be sure you are getting the best shirts? Here are some things to consider while you are shopping:

1. Personal service

What sets custom shirt retailers apart from department stores or regular clothing stores is the level of personal service you will receive. This will ensure that you are getting shirts which fit properly, are ideal for your occasion, and to make shopping feel like less of a chore. Look for a store which will go above and beyond to give you professional and friendly service.

2. Established brands

Whichever store you buy from should be able to provide you with shirts from trusted name brands such as Southern Tide, Oxxford, or Southwick to name a few. These are names which have been known and trusted, in some cases for decades, to give a seal of quality.

3. Don’t buy online

Online shopping has dominated modern shopping habits but despite the convenience, it doesn’t work with custom clothing. You can’t be sure if you are getting the right fit or what will suit you. Clothes that look good on a screen won’t always look good in person or with each particular outfit. There is always the chance that you will be sent the wrong item or your package will get lost in the mail and arrive too late for your big occasion. This is why many custom boutiques don’t sell online at all. If you want the personal touch and to be certain of what you are buying, use the traditional brick and mortar store.

4. Consider the occasion

A shirt shouldn’t be a ‘one size fits all’ purchase. The custom shirts you wear to an important business meeting will still be different than one worn to a wedding. Keep the occasion in mind while you are shopping to get the best shirt for your needs. This means not only the event but what you expect the weather will be like, if you’ll need to change at any time, and what you will be wearing the shirt with. All of these factors will influence your decision in some way.

Using name brands and trusted locations with a strong local reputation will give you a much smarter shirt than one bought online or from a department store. This way you can always look your best and maintain a professional image.

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