The Best Reasons to Buy Custom Shirts in Dallas

by | Feb 4, 2016 | Men's Clothing Store

If you’re a professional who often wears a suit or even just a shirt and tie, you know how uncomfortable they can be. So often, it’s impossible to find a shirt that fits the way you want it to. Oftentimes, even shirts that fit don’t allow you to move very much at all. Alternately, shirts that do give you a good range of motion don’t fit and aren’t flattering. Finding a comfortable, well-fitting shirt can feel like a job in and of itself. Custom shirts in Dallas are sewn and tailored exactly to your specifications. They avoid the common pitfalls of off-the-rack clothing.

Range of Motion

If you’ve worn an off-the-rack shirt that doesn’t fit very well, you know exactly how annoying it can be when your range of motion is reduced. The most common problem is a shirt that doesn’t allow you to move your arms. These shirts don’t provide enough room through the shoulders and underarms, so when you lift your arms, you pull your shirt tail out of your pants. Alternately, they pinch and bind around the shoulders if you try to move. Shirts that are built exactly to your needs will give you a full range of motion while staying comfortable.

Neck Room

Off the rack shirts are designed with what they believe to be the most common body shapes. A shirt of a certain size always has a collar of a certain size. So, if you happen to have a neck or shoulders larger than what some manufacturer thinks is most common, you’ll end up with a shirt that fits everywhere but your neck. If you’ve worn a shirt with a collar that’s too tight, you know how aggravating that can be. A shirt designed explicitly for you obviously won’t have that problem.

Custom Materials

Not all shirt materials are made equal. Some shirts are made of soft cotton or smooth silk. You might have a preference for one or the other. If you’re buying off the rack, you might not have a choice about materials, though. If you find a shirt you like that isn’t offered in a material you prefer, you might just be out of luck. With custom shirts, however, you can find a shirt in multiple different materials. You can pick an absorbent cotton shirt for the summer and a thinner, silk shirt for the winter.

When you have a choice of materials, it also makes it easier to match your clothing to your tie. Certain materials just don’t hold pigment the same way as other materials. That can make it difficult to find a shirt to match your tie.

Whether you’re looking to start a professional wardrobe or expand on the one you already have, custom shirts are a great way to enhance your clothing options.

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