Top 3 Factors When Reviewing Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

by | Nov 16, 2015 | Aircraft Cargo Loaders

For anyone who has worked in the administrative or management area of an airport for more than a few years, the number of changes to regulations, safety requirements, and even to equipment is amazing to consider. This is certainly true when it comes to aircraft ground support equipment, and these changes only foreshadow what will continue to evolve in the future.

By having the ability to take a very serious look the trends in equipment designs and safety features in aircraft ground support equipment, as well as the proposals for airport management and administration that are being discussed, you have an idea of what to look for in long-term equipment acquisition.

However, as anything can change, many airports are now renting their aircraft ground support equipment instead of making purchases, which gives them more freedom and options than making a big capital investment. Regardless of rental or purchase, getting the right equipment for the job is always a factor.

Reputation of the Manufacturer

Whether you are buying or renting aircraft ground support equipment, you want reliable equipment. Even with the advantage of warranties on new equipment and covered repairs for rental equipment, you want machines and systems that are reliable, dependable and won’t leave you trying to work without the necessary tools.

Choosing a top manufacturer and dealer with a great reputation is the winning combination with both purchases and rentals. Also, look for a company that is able to provide national services if you are managing more than one location.

Support Provided

Rental companies may or may not include maintenance and upgrades to the equipment you are renting, and warranties for new ground support equipment may not cover all specific problems. Additionally, warranties will eventually end, so you need to look aircraft ground support equipment that can be easily repaired, maintained, and even refurbished by specialized companies as well as your own in-house maintenance staff.

Your Needs

Another critical factor to consider when buying or renting aircraft ground support equipment is not just to look at your immediate needs but also consider what you will need in the future.

This will depend on the increasing or decreasing number of passengers and flights, if the airport is handling more cargo, or if there are specialized services provided at specific airports.

A top company offer aircraft ground support equipment for sale or as rentals can help you in assessing your needs and matching equipment that will meet those needs now as well as in the future.

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