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by | Mar 22, 2013 | Mental Health

Detox is short for detoxification which is the medicinal or physiological removal of toxic(s) substances from an individual.  This can also refer to the withdrawal period during which an individual returns to normal homeostasis after use of addictive drugs or substances over a substantial period of time.  Present medicine uses detoxification to decontaminate poison ingestion and the use of antidotes as well as dialysis.

There are different types of detox treatment centers in the area of Salt Lake City, Utah.  It’s important to research which detox treatment center will work best for your individual needs.  There are detox treatments for alcohol abuse and drug abuse. Keep in mind that detox treatments should not be substituted for addiction treatments. Addiction treatment can work well after detoxification and alongside therapy.

The process where a heavy alcohol drinker’s system is brought to normal after consuming alcohol heaving and on a continual basis is alcohol detoxification. What happens during heavy alcohol consumption is that the body decreases its production of GABA, which is a reuptake inhibitor.  Alcohol acts to replace GABA in the body.  When an individual goes through withdrawal from alcohol addiction without a medical aid there can be health problems that are potentially fatal.  Alcohol detoxification should not be used as a treatment for alcoholism because those suffering form that should also undergo treatment for the addiction that happens with severe alcohol use.

Drug detoxification is used to help with the symptoms accompanied by withdrawal from drugs.  It is also not used to treat addiction, but to help with the first steps of long-term treatments for drug addiction.  Drug detox can be done without drugs or medicine can be used depending on the type of treatment center you use.  Detox and treatment occur in community type programs that are ongoing for several months.  These usually take place in a residential area rather than a medical detox center.  Detox to help with withdrawal symptoms, counseling and therapy are usually all offered at treatment centers like this.

Many of the detoxification programs are 12 step addiction treatment programs.  Behavioral therapy is used in this treatment program and has been successful to the point where over 200 groups have adopted it.  The 12 step program was actually written by addicts the 12 step program has been essential for those battling addictions of all kinds.  There are other treatment programs to help those battling addiction.  Out-patient drug free treatments are available, narcotic antagonist treatment is another program used.  Short term rehab programs and maintenance treatment are some others as well.

There is also a spiritual side to the problems mentioned above. The application of treatment often does not provide a permanent cure to issues such as these.
Another type of treatment is often utilized that is Christian based and involves the person having problems turning their faith toward Christ and what He has done for them.  Counseling of this nature can direct a person toward a solution that leads them to freedom from their addiction or behavioral issue.

Detox Treatment Center Salt Lake City Utah – Psychiatrist at Salt Lake Behavioral Health of Salt Lake City UT works best for your individual needs keeping in mind that detox treatments should not be substituted for addiction treatments.

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