Cat Grooming Tips

by | Mar 21, 2013 | Animal Hospitals

Cats, in general, do an excellent job of grooming themselves. Sometimes, a cat may need some extra attention, especially if your domesticated tigress spends a lot of time outdoors and is a long-haired cat like a Persian. Long-haired cats require almost daily cat grooming in Lenexa KS in order to keep their fur tangle-free. Otherwise, fur balls can grow which a cat will try to remove and these knots of hair can get caught in their throats.

There are several different types of brushes and combs that can be used. The best types include a soft slicker brush and a comb that has medium sized spacing of the teeth. You will want to lift the layers of fur and brush from the skin out to the end of the fur. If, during your cat grooming in Lenexa KS, you generate static electricity, you can dampen it by spraying your cat lightly with a non-aerosol coat spray. As you work through the fur, be careful not to tug or pull on your cat or you may risk the session quickly coming to an end. Remember to brush behind the cat’s ear, under the collar, the groin area, the haunches and under the belly.

Another great cat grooming in Lenexa KS, tool is the mat raker. This device removes matted or excess fur very effectively. Try to pull gently at the tangles of fur with your fingers before going in with the raker, and keep it gentle with the raker. A cat’s skin is very sensitive, and it doesn’t take long to anger your feline. If the matting is too dense, you may be better off crating your cat and take her down to your local pet groomer or animal hospital which should have an on-site animal groomer available.

Of course, the time you spend grooming your cat doesn’t have to be strictly for the purpose of keeping her fur beautiful. It is also a great time to bond with your feline. Lauding your cat with praise and love and even taking a break from the grooming to play with your cat is a great way to deepen your connection to your pet. Cats make wonderful companions and making sure your feline friend is not only happy but healthy is an important part to animal-ownership.

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