Chimney Firebox Repair in Baltimore MD Can Keep a Fireplace Working Safely

by | Nov 16, 2016 | Chimney

A home with a fireplace can feel very inviting. As the fire crackles and burns, it spreads warmth throughout the room. When a fireplace is used regularly it’s important to have it inspected from time-to-time. This will ensure that it is in good working order during use. If any issues are noted during an inspection, it may be time for chimney firebox repair in Baltimore MD.

There’s nothing cozier than sitting by a warm fire on a chilly day. However, safety should always be a priority when a fireplace is in operation. As a fireplace ages, cracks and other issues that have developed may need attending to by a licensed contractor. If not corrected, it may be possible for hot gases and smoke to seep through the gaps and ignite a fire within the walls. If a fireplace is functioning properly, any smoke that is produced in the fireplace should rise up the chimney and exit. Cracks in a chimney can also allow water from outside weather to seep inside the structure and weaken it. It is highly recommended to have an annual inspection done before the first seasonal use to avoid structural damage or possible injury.

Fireplaces that are utilized regularly will require some kind of Chimney Firebox Repair in Baltimore MD about every 5-10 years. There are many components that must be maintained in order to keep a fireplace working properly. The hearth is the floor area in front of the firebox. The firebox is the space inside of the fireplace where the wood and fire logs are allowed to burn. This section may also contain a clean out door to remove ashes. The fireplace face is the front of the fireplace, and many people like to install a mantle above this section. Located at the top of the firebox is a damper door that must be kept open when the fireplace is in use. This provides a passageway for hot gasses to exit the building by way of the chimney that encompasses the entire fireplace structure. All of these components must be kept in good working order to ensure that the fireplace can provide warmth, while being safe for use. An experienced knowledgeable contractor can help with this. For more information regarding fireplace care and safety, check out website.

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