What Does Chimney Rebuilding in Hagerstown, MD Entail and When is it Necessary?

by | Nov 25, 2016 | Chimney

What could be more pleasant than sitting next to a wood stove or fireplace, drinking hot chocolate, and appreciating time spent with the family? This idyllic scene is only possible when the household’s chimney is functioning as intended. When problems arise many homeowners go for quick and easy fixes, but repeatedly repairing a failing chimney is only putting off the inevitable and encouraging further neglect. A better solution is to discuss the possibility of Chimney Rebuilding in Hagerstown MD with a qualified contractor.

Unfortunately, the most common cause of chimney failures is neglect. Over time, exposure to the elements, frequent use, and crumbling mortar often lead to the need for extensive repairs. These repairs provide only a temporary fix and, if performed improperly, can lead to even worse problems. A professional and trustworthy chimney repair and rebuilding contractor should be consulted prior to making a decision as to whether to repair or rebuild.

Chimney rebuilds generally fall under one of three categories: partial rebuilds, roofline rebuilds, or total rebuilds. As the name implies, partial rebuilds are best for circumstances where most of the chimney is still structurally sound, but it may need a new crown or partial top section. A roofline rebuild involves tearing the chimney down to the flashing of the roofline and rebuilding the entire top and installing a new crown. Total rebuilds are usually only necessary when severe damage is present. If the chimney is leaning, there is noticeable brick spalling throughout the structure, or severe mortar deterioration is present, it may be appropriate. The entire exterior brick layer must be removed during total rebuilds, although typically the interior fireplace or wood stove and smoke chamber can remain intact.

With winter swiftly approaching, many families are looking forward to those cozy winter nights spent around the fire. Homeowners with any question as to whether or not their chimneys will stand up to the use should have them evaluated before that first storm approaches. Visit the website to learn more about Chimney Rebuilding in Hagerstown MD or consult a professional who can help homeowners decide whether or not it’s time to rebuild.

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