Blister Box – Packaging Benefits

by | Jun 14, 2016 | Pharmaceutical Packaging

A blister box is any formed packaging made for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. They can be made as well as for government agencies. A blister box can be made as a physician sampling kit, pharmacy distribution, or for any promotional need.

Blisters can be in made in any form. They can be small, large, thermoformed, heat-sealed, or cold formed. They can be made be in hospital unit doses and in stability batches. They can also be created to be child-resistant, kitting, or compliance unit-dose designed. They can have various lidding materials with preprinted foil.

Packaging with Care
A blister box should be sterilization ready when it is made. Sterilization is important mostly for the customer’s protection. It is also important for brand protection. It also adheres to regulations. It should be with the highest in-house quality assurance. There are many packaging designs like commercial packaging and cold chain packaging. Packing, particularly if it is for a medicine distribution, should be child-resistant, senior-friendly, tamper-evident packaging, and anti-counterfeit packaging.

A blister box should protect products from moisture and gas to give a product a long shelf life. The importance of the packaging is to protect a product from environments with high humidity and temperatures. The product should be completely sealed in its own single protective cavity, individual tablets, or capsules. Blisters help with dosage, taking dosages, following instructions which can be written on packets, and they have the benefit of being portable.

Strong Standards
When considering a large purchase of boxes think about a purchasing from an established and large, global corporation which has a staff that is friendly and that will be understanding to your needs. Protecting the consumer through proper packaging is vitally important. It is important for the provider to adhere to all the required standards and regulations to ensure consumer safety.

When thinking about a rush order think about how long a large delivery will take. Also, consider a company that is PPS is compliant with the DEA, FDA, and the MHRA. It should have a strong QA process, and it should have cGMP quality systems to meet GDUFA and Serialization requirements.

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