Methods for Custom Metal Fabricators

Custom metal fabricators serve many industries in the world today. Steel, aluminum and metal alloy parts are manufactured to design a number of components. These parts are designed to be cost effective and accurate.

Advances in technology have led the way to new methods and machinery being used for mass production. These innovations have supported the introduction of new products as well as streamlined value chains.

Machining is a common description used when talking about metal production. Depending on the end product needed and the amount of items being produced, various machines are used. An added bonus to machining is that there is a lot of variety when it comes to what can be done.

Laser Cutting
One process that is newer to the field of industrial manufacturing is laser cutting. Lasers are utilized to cut clean and precise parts out of sheets of metal. A positive aspect of this method is that is a highly designed computer controlled process. This means that this process created identical parts in less time.

Plasma Cutting
This is a streamlined process that use plasma heated to high temperatures to cut metal into the intended design. The use of plasma delivers an electrical spark which cuts through the metal. The plasma and compressed gas also pass through the recent cut providing a clean surface.

Turret Punching
Another efficient process is turret punching. This approach uses a punch press machine to stamp out the end product from sheets of metal. It is an effective way for mass production however, it does take an initial investment. The machinery used is large and usually comes at high cost for initial set up.

Hand held welding
A tried and true method for custom sheet metal fabricators is hand held welding . There are a number of different types and methods of welding that are used in the production industry. This can be a quick and easy process. However, the skills to wield clean cuts and create duplicate items take a long time to acquire.

Products made with these methods are a part of everyday life. Automobiles, airplanes, water treatment plants, plumbing and heating; these are just a few of the many industries that benefit from industrial mass production.

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