Designing with the Furring Channel

by | Jun 14, 2016 | Aluminum Supplier

Furring channels are used in many design processes. They are used with commercial building, by architects, for store design and restaurant construction, and they are also used for various design needs like sign design, displays and installations.

Channels can come in various colors and stains including Brite dipped and brushed finishes.

Importance of the Furring Channel
When attached correctly, these channels will form a suspended framework to complement a particular design purpose or structural system. They are most often used with a u-channel, hanger wire, and furring channel clips. They also work with slat wall and Z clips for displays and store mountings.

There are aluminum channels that are mostly used for ceiling applications, but they can be used for various construction need. Sometimes, they can be used for exterior projects. They are placed underneath a building structure, and then they are attached to the furring face. Mostly, they can be used in drop ceilings and on concrete walls. They are installed vertically, and are attached according to the wall thickness with the appropriate screws.

Channels can also be used for protecting faces, and for edges of millwork.

It is important to have the best materials in the makeup of the furring channel, because the materials are the glue that will hold the design. Also, if your materials are being used in display purposes they should be easy to clean, easy to polish, and easy to maintain. It is also important to purchase your materials from a professional, reliable, and experienced dealer, because these materials are the framework of your structure.

Choosing a Supplier
When you are ready to make your purchase, choose a company with an excellent track record of satisfying its customers. The supplier should be an expert in the products your need and understand the various designs created by these products.

Finally, you should choose a company that can produce or supply products to your specific specifications and design ideas. A reliable company should be able to cut your pieces to the sizes needed, or form them for your project ideas. Do a little homework before making your final decision.

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