5 Helpful Questions in Choosing a Rehab Facility

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Drug Addiction

Finding the right drug abuse treatment program can be a tad more challenging but it’s going to be well-worth when you finally recover. Here are some questions that can help you find the treatment center for you:

1. What do results do you expect from the rehabilitation? Treatment programs offer different results. Some might view the completion of a 60-day rehab program a success. Some might think success is when a recovering addict is able to take post-treatment meetings and appointments to keep relapse at bay. Ask these treatment options what a successful recovery means for them.

2. Is it long-term or short term? Narconon says drug rehab programs typically last for 28 days. However, in cases where drug abuse has been a habit borne out of years, even decades, treatment will definitely take more than 28 days. There are plenty of treatment centers in Pasadena so look for those that have more than the standard 28-day option on their list of services.

3. Will there be drugs used? Some treatment programs emphasize the importance of having a healthy mental and physical state. Positive thinking can boost the first while exercise and a diet of minerals, nutrients and vitamins takes care of the second one. In cases of extreme withdrawal symptoms, though, drugs can be doled out in small portions to help the person with drug addiction go through a gradual withdrawal.

4. What treatment or therapeutic model do you have? Everyday Health suggests asking specific details about the treatment. What would it entail—activities planned to the last minute of your day, any type of meditation, yoga? Knowing these things can tell you a lot if you’re in the right center or not. If the treatment won’t resonate with you, find one that does.

5. What about your after-treatment care? Relapses can happen a lot more times than you think. And while you shouldn’t let that discourage you, you also need to know how to prevent this from happening in the future. An excellent aftercare service can take care of this, though. With regular appointments and meetings, recovered addicts have the support they need to commit to their treatment, to stay sober or drug-free.

So learn these questions—and more like them. Do more research so you can pick the right rehab program for you. With excellent care and unfailing support from loved ones, your recovery can happen sooner than you think.

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