Interstate Depositions and Discovery in Nevada Makes Out-of-state Depositions Easier to Obtain

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Law Services

At one point, it was often a complex procedure to obtain and issue a subpoena from someone who lived out of state. Today, however, that is not the case. Thanks to the Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act, it is now a fairly simple process when you need an out-of-town deposition. Since 2007, most states in the country have adopted this act which means they are able to provide the services needed to obtain a deposition required in another state. This is especially useful because these days there is a large number of individuals involved in legal matters that concern states other than their own.

Basic Facts About this Act

Interstate depositions and discovery in Nevada makes it simpler than ever to obtain a deposition from someone who lives in another state. Many competent and professional law firms will allow the use of their facilities and conference rooms so that the deposition can be performed in a non-threatening and objective manner. This includes witness depositions, depositions for a discovery of documents, or to inspect premises. The 2007 Act was designed to make this entire state-to-state process easier and simpler. It aims for the minimum amount of legislative oversight and eliminates some of the requirements from previous acts, such as letters rotatory, local counsel during the discovery state, and the requirement of filing a miscellaneous action while in the discovery litigation phase.

Before the Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act, each state had its own process of acquiring depositions for out-of-state individuals and this act essentially unifies the entire procedure so that all states that have adopted the act are operating under the same set of rules. Of course, any discovery that relates to the subpoena must comply with all of the laws of the state in which it is taken, but this act has been extremely effective in making states more uniform when collecting and issuing subpoenas.

Where to Find a Law Firm Who Can Help with Foreign Discovery Subpoenas

If you need assistance regarding interstate depositions and discovery in Nevada, there are numerous law firms that can help you. In addition to this act making it simpler to receive an out-of-state deposition, law firms in states where this act has been adopted make it easy to use their facilities in order to initiate the deposition. You can go to a local law firm and give your deposition, and the firm will take care of the rest. If you are involved in a lawsuit occurring in another state, this is not a problem because even local law firms can now perform your deposition and will take care of the entire procedure for you.

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