Acne removal therapies

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Acne is a very common issue. It is more prevalent in youngsters. There are many so called procedures and therapies for acne but only a few which actually work. There are prescription pills, topical lotions and cosmetic surgeries.
If proper treatment of acne is not done, it may lead to severe scarring on the face, neck, shoulders, chest and back. These kinds of scars can have a negative impact on the person’s mental state and self confidence too. There are three types of scarring which doctors identity in patients, namely ice pick, boxcar and rolling acne.

Types of scars
Ice pick scars are the most common and appear to be deep and narrow. Boxcar scars look like chickenpox scars. The are round pits with sharp edges. Rolling scars cause folds in the subcutaneous layer of the skin tissue. There are various procedures and therapies available for each of these kinds of scars.

Procedures and therapies

Exfoliation of the skin using microdermabrasion treatment is a good option. In this technique crystals are blown over the skin. This polishes the skin. After this the crystals and extra skin cells are removed. The therapy basically unclogs the skin pores and improves the complexion. It may require multiple sessions with this treatment to get the desired results.
Scar revision is a good method to remove boxcar and ice pick scars. It is nothing but a surgical excision to replace the circular scar with a linear scar which is easier to treat. This treatment is done with the help of a local anesthesia.
Among other procedures and therapies there is the ablative laser treatment and dermabrasion. These help the skin to produce younger and unscarred layers. Apart from these doctors sometimes also advice dermal fillers. A relatively new technique id that of the laser therapy which penetrates the top layer of the skin and works on the scar.
These techniques can be combined together to work on different kinds of scars to get younger and better looking skin.

acne removal

acne removal

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