Cycle your way to fitness

by | Oct 21, 2011 | Health

Cycling has always been widely accepted as a good fitness regime. It exercises many different parts and muscles of the body. The stamina gained from regular cycling is also very beneficial for your fitness. In today’s world there is hardly any time and barely any space where you can cycle freely, especially if you live within city limits. In such times, cycling was saved by the exercise bicycles.

Time Tested
Exercise bicycles have been around for ages and stood their ground while a lot of other so called fitness equipments have had their phases and then disappeared. The exercise bicycle not only stretches your muscles but also conditions your heart. It has the added advantage that you do not need to leave the comfort of your house and can watch TV or listen to music in the safety of your living room.
They have an advantage over conventional cycles as being a fitness tool they are equipped with meters to gauge your speed. Modern exercise bicycles are equipped with gadgets to monitor your heart rate too. Some of them even have digital logs to record your daily work outs.

Fitness of the heart
The heart condition is done by the exercise bicycle as it increases the heart rate while you exercise. This is a very good practice to maintain the fitness of your body both externally and internally. A beginner should do enough cycling to increase his heart rate by fifty percent while an experienced person should strive to achieve a seventy percent increase.


There are particular variations while exercising on a bicycle which you can use. Simple and rhythmic pedaling will only help you so much, but alternated pedaling tempo variations will help you to extract the most out of your workout.



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