Work as an Interior Architect

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Art Supplies

If you want to design the inside of buildings professionally, then you must have an interior architecture degree from a well-known school. The purpose of designing the inside of a building is to make it attractive and useful at the same time. The types of function and beauty required for the inside of a building can vary, depending on the type of building that is being designed. A private residence will require an interior design that meets the needs of families who need kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms while a residential building such as a medical facility will need a completely different type of design.

There are Career Opportunities with this Degree

Building contractors, architectural firms and furniture manufacturers may hire a designer who has an interior architecture degree. It is also possible to have your own company so that you can have private clients who want to have customized residential or commercial spaces. The difference between being an interior designer and an interior architect is that you must understand certain guidelines when creating a home or business. In addition to understanding the proper placement of windows and doors, you should know about the regulations concerning electrical wiring or plumbing devices.

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When you want to earn an interior architecture degree, you should apply to a school as early as possible because the programs are competitive. Make sure to visit the educational institution so that you can see its campus and meet some of the professors who will teach you about a variety of subjects. In addition, you must earn high grades in high school in subjects such as mathematics or art. To learn more about the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, contact us at our website located at

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