Choosing Watercolor Blocks

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Art Supplies

If you paint in watercolors, you realize the problems improper paper can cause. You need to have paper that is able to handle the paint without buckling or warping. The last thing you need is to paint a wonderful piece on paper that disintegrates before it even dries. It is important to select the paper you chose with care. It does not matter whether it comes solely or in blocks such as Arches Watercolor Blocks. It is important to look at what factors will help you differentiate good quality paper from poor or bad.

Factors for Choosing Watercolor Paper

While low quality paper may help you save money, it can prove costly if you find yourself wasting paper and time. More importantly, you may find the pigments you use do not fare well on poor quality and inexpensive paper. At worst, if you become more aggressive with your brush strokes, the colors may be vivid but the paper may disintegrate with every rough stroke you take. What you need to consider is the following factors. They should help you sort out the good from the bad and the downright frustrating.

Quality: Check reviews and talk to professionals about the rated quality of the product

Production: How is it made? Where is it made?

Materials: What is it made of – paper, linen, cotton, unknown fabric?

Weight: How much is it declared weight?

Amount: how many “sheets” do your get per block?

Texture: How does it feel?

Price: What does it cost?

This applies to both sheets of paper and watercolor blocks, whether Arches Watercolor Blocks or an alternative brand. If you have any doubts or concerns, make sure you talk to a professional in the business. Another artist, art teacher or commercial representative can act as your guide.

Arches Watercolor Blocks

When it comes to choice, watercolor blocks are an excellent alternative to purchasing single sheets of paper. They are perfect if you would prefer not to stretch the paper beforehand. They also offer other advantages to both beginner artists and professionals. This includes the excellent material comprising the product – 100% cotton fiber content. The papers they produce are all pH-neutral, acid-free, gelatin-sized and air-dried. This provides them with the consistency you require as an artist to ensure your work is not affected as you paint, draw or make prints. If you desire high quality paper for your watercolors, do not hesitate to consider purchasing Arches Watercolor Blocks.

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