Wireless Intercom Systems – Benefits and Features

by | Feb 11, 2016 | Sound systems

Many industries make use of wireless intercom systems. These systems are required to transmit information over long distances and provide clear spoken instructions through solid glass walls. For many people, intercom systems are a very standard part of their work day, so it is immensely important that these types of devices continue working properly over the long term. There are a variety of intercom systems available for purchase, but the most popular right now is the entirely digital wireless system, as it is highly convenient and affordable.

The Advantage of Going Digital
The clear benefit of using a digital wireless intercom system is the fact that each system can be used without the need for a base station. This is a groundbreaking development in intercom technology and has made many people’s lives easier in recent years. Both the transmitter and receiver are simple to install and can be operated using the FCC license a free range of anywhere between 902 and 928 MHz, anywhere in the United States.

The ProLink 500 is one example of a digital wireless system that can be installed and used for intercommunication purposes. It permits communication between four parties at one time and can transmit sound effectively over a distance of up to 500 feet. Need to make use of the device’s encryption capabilities? That can be done as well.

Unique Features of Wireless Intercom Systems
Several particularly interesting features set wireless systems apart from older models. It is no surprise that more and more individuals and businesses are making use of wireless intercom systems that can reach extremely long distances. It is important that devices are affordable for businesses, and in many cases, today’s wireless systems include a lot of great features for a low cost.

For example, the ProLink 500 includes the following:

 * Choice of “push to talk” or “always on” modes
 * Microphone gain setting
 * A/B channel selection
 * Out-of-range LED indicator
 * Low battery LED indicator
 * 3-pin XLR connector
 * Choice of single muff, dual muff, or lightweight headsets

If you need to purchase a fully functional and affordable wireless intercom system for your business, or you are interested in updating an outdated system, consider the ProLink 500 and its many testimonials from satisfied customers.

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