Truck Load Broker – Helping Casual Shippers

by | Feb 11, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

A truck load broker is a professional who serves as intermediaries between a shipper and a freight service. This type of broker seeks to match shippers who have a minimum of a full truck load of freight to transport with a freight line that runs regular routes to the destination. At the same time, the broker seeks to secure the best rate possible for their client. Small companies sometimes benefit from engaging the services of a truck load broker.

While many transportation companies offer excellent discounted rate programs to large companies with substantial shipping needs, smaller companies that ship goods on a more infrequent basis often must pay standard retail rates. By working with a broker, who usually has volume discounted rates in place with various freight services, it is possible actually to cut shipping costs, even for the most casual of shippers.

Concentrating on Your Business
Another benefit of using a truck load broker is that there is no need to invest time and resources in looking for better deals on your charges because brokers are always vigilant when looking for cost-effective ways to ships goods for their clients. This means that the company can simply make sure their shipment is ready for pickup and focus on other more important aspects of their business operation.

A good broker will normally advise the client of a lower rate through a new carrier and provide enough information for the client to decide if trying the new carrier is a good idea to them and their business.

Combined Shipments
While most truck load brokers focus strictly on full truckloads of goods, others will accept what is known as less than truckload, shipments. When this is the case, the broker will often seek to combine shipments from several clients that are headed in the same general direction, making it possible to negotiate still discounted shipping rates with a variety of freight carriers.

From initial setup to final billing, a truck load broker makes it easy for you, working with their network of carrierswork with our network of carriers to find capacity to handle your truckload shipping needs at competitive rates. to find capacity to handle your truckload shipping needs at competitive find the capacity to handle your truck load shipping needs at competitive pricing.

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