Why Patients Should Go to the Blood Testing Clinic When Requested By Physicians?

Many patients get instructions from their physicians to visit the Blood Testing Clinic to take a blood test. A lot of people postpone getting their blood drawn for various reasons. Some are too busy with other activities of daily living. Others are fearful of potential blood test results. Regardless of the reason to postpone getting a blood test, it’s best to follow the doctor’s request to get a blood test as soon as possible. Blood tests are an important tool that is used by doctors to monitor the progression of various diseases. Blood tests are often helpful in diagnosing conditions that haven’t been diagnosed yet.

Blood tests are important for many people with certain diseases. For example, doctors rely upon blood tests at places such as the Midwest Express Clinic when treating diabetics. If a diabetic is going to the Blood Testing Clinic, there are two tests that the physician will likely order. First of all, the doctor will want a fasting blood glucose test. This test tells the doctor the current blood sugar level. If the patient is taking a fasting blood test, this number should be closer to normal than if the patient has eaten a recent meal.
This test can be used to figure out if the patient has some control over blood glucose levels. The second test that doctors often order for diabetics is the A1C test, which measures blood glucose over the past two to three months. This is a good way for doctors to figure out how well the patient is controlling blood sugar levels over the long term rather than the date and time of the blood draw.

Blood tests are also used to diagnose new conditions. For example, doctors will usually order liver tests periodically for healthy adult patients. If liver results are abnormal, that could be a sign of many diseases including diseases that did not originate from the liver. Many other blood tests are routinely ordered by physicians every few months.

Patients who take blood tests when requested by doctors often have diseases diagnosed early, which often leads to a better chance of successful treatment. That’s why patients should not postpone or refuse to take blood tests when requested by their doctors. Visit Midwestexpressclinic.com for details.






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