Reasons for Visiting a Psychologist in Hutchinson KS

by | Jul 24, 2014 | Health

It is not easy for anyone to make the decision to visit a psychologist. Getting started is the hardest part. You don’t need to have a major problem like having a nervous breakdown for you to benefit from psychological help. While psychologists are of great help to people having grave mental disorders, you can still visit one to give your life more meaning, promoting intimacy and developing meaningful relationship with others. The benefits to be derived from visiting a Psychologist in Hutchinson KS are numerous, some of which are discussed below.

Dealing with anxiety

You know you are suffering from anxiety if you are constantly worried, tense, restless and irritable, being unable to sleep and having difficulties in concentrating. If you or someone close to you is exhibiting such symptoms, it could be time to see a psychologist.

Dealing with depression

While we all go through periods of depression once in a while in our everyday lives, such feelings are not supposed to last for longer than necessary. For instance, if you are grieving the death of someone close to you, you are likely to show similar symptoms to those of depression. But these bad times normally pass. In contrast, depression is characterized by complete lack of interest in things that are usually enjoyable, loss of appetite which results to weight loss, overeating, troubled sleep, agitation, fatigue, suicidal thoughts and a general feeling of worthlessness among others.

Getting over substance abuse and dependence

If you are constantly abusing drugs regardless of what you are doing at the moment leading to failure to fulfill such obligations as careful driving, attending school or work or general failure to fulfill your family obligations, then you know you have a substance abuse problem. Further, if you are suffering from withdrawal due to prolonged substance abuse, and you have unsuccessfully attempted to cut down the substance use, yet you continue to use the substance despite knowing the harmful effects of the use, then it is time to see a psychologist.

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