Why Isn’t San Antonio Sales Coaching Fixing Your Problems?

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Business

Everyone in San Antonio has likely heard inspiring stories about how sales coaching has improved their teams and their lives. However, you’ve also probably heard horror stories about how it didn’t work and that it’s worthless, leaving you to wonder which to believe. The truth is that training and coaches can help, but they can’t fix all the problems. Most companies and managers focus on quantitative results, but it may not be the best way to measure success.

Activity Metrics Won’t Give A Why

When you write down your results for anything, it will tell you what you did right and wrong, but it can’t tell you why. You know your score was weak, but probably don’t remember what you did differently or what was wrong.

Managing metrics can be beneficial, but managers frequently go about it the wrong way. As an employee’s coach, you shouldn’t rely too heavily on activity metrics and quantity. Products are becoming more complex now than ever, so effectiveness can’t be measured by how much they sell. Instead, it should focus on the quality of the call and interactions with the consumers.

Your best rep probably makes fewer calls than everyone else in the department because it takes longer to close the sale. Therefore, measuring how many calls a person takes won’t cut it.

Monitor Activity Vs. Manager Involvement

Most managers monitor the metrics and swoop in when there is a noticeable problem. However, by then, the problem could be so large that no amount of fixing is possible. San Antonio sales coaching can help managers understand the difference between being involved and monitoring employee activity.

For example, when you get the report and notice a problem with a representative, that problem has been going on for a month or a few weeks. It’s harder for them to remember back to when it started and they’ve become convinced that the problem is part of the process.

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