The Necessity of Repairing Foundation Water Problems

by | Aug 5, 2016 | Foundation Repair

A wet basement causes major foundation damage. The foundation secures the house and repairs can be expensive. Exterior warning signs include damaged bricks. Further, be on the lookout for cracks between doors and windows. Signs of damage inside include cracked floors and walls and crooked windows. The problems are caused by settling foundations. Foundations settle when they are built on moist soil. This type of soil expands and causes the foundation shifting. As a result, cracks and other damage occur.

Despite the cost, repairs need to be made quickly. A wet basement and damaged foundation lower property value. The repairs will increase the property’s value by up to twenty percent. Next, the moisture creates mold and mildew. Living in this environment is very unhealthy. Finally, the living and storage space in the basement is wasted. Some people convert the basement into dens or bedrooms. This is impossible if it is always damp and musty. Find a contractor for Foundation Water Problems. They will find the source of the moisture and stop it. Sometimes, french drains are placed around the perimeter of the house. Excess rain water goes into the drain instead of the basement.

Finally, contractors must repair the foundation. The most common repair methods for Foundation Water Problems are slab jacking and hydraulic jacking. Hydraulic jacking is also known as piercing. Slabjacking is mainly used for residential repairs. The process starts by drilling several small holes in the slab. Afterward, cement is pumped through the holes. The concrete hardens and holds the foundation in place. Interestingly, some contractors mix lime in the cement. This method stabilizes the foundation and removes moisture from the soil. Piering may be used in larger homes. This process employs jacks to lift the damaged foundation. The contractor digs into the ground and builds a base and pier. The two are held together by steel to support the foundation. Repairing the damage gives the homeowner much-needed peace of mind. Anyone who has problems should visit us. Start by scheduling a consultation. A representative comes to the home, inspects the damage and provides an estimate. The cost may not be as much as you think. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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