Why Buy a Forestry Mulcher?

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Agriculture and Forestry

If your business is all about felling trees and clearing land, mulching is an important consideration. Plus, it is very important to perform a thorough job of mulching for a variety of reasons, and this requires a quality forestry mulcher. Let’s take a look at the importance of mulching in the forestry industry today, and why it should be taken seriously.

Why Mulch?

Perhaps the best reason for mulching is to limit soil erosion. Standard methods for land clearing may include removing all debris and then processing it. When this happens, the land is left barren and when heavy rains hit, it can bring on catastrophic results including landslides and a great deal of the top soil may be lost.

A heavy duty mulching unit is very beneficial because it allows you to process materials on the spot. Many of these units are basically large drum type mowers and they have the capacity to cut, chop and mulch all in one process. This eliminates the need for many other kinds of equipment. In addition, it takes only one operator to use a forestry mulcher and companies can save a great deal on costs with this strategy.

Mulching and the Environment

Besides preventing erosion, mulching provides many other benefits to the eco system. When you need less equipment you use less fuel and fewer emissions are released into the atmosphere. This helps to keep the air cleaner and is good for the ozone layer.


By clearing land, it can make it possible for local wildlife to enjoy access to water and other natural resources. Many animals are vegetarian and mulching helps to get rid of invasive plant species which are crowding out local plant food sources. By removing invasive species some animals can once again enjoy breeding grounds and places of shelter which are provided by native plant life.

Wetland Restoration

Many wetlands are slowly disappearing as vegetation and trees are soaking up all the moisture. A forestry mulcher can remove all kinds of vegetation to help restore local wetlands to their original condition and this is good for wildlife and the entire eco system.


Power mulching equipment can be used in all kinds of weather and in areas of steep ground, even in places with limited access. These machines can clear as much as 15 acres in just one day. They help to clear land for developments and right of ways, and remove a great deal of undesirable plant life. Besides being good for the planet, mulchers provide a cost effective way to clear land.

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