Customizable Hospitality Lighting Solutions

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Lighting

When opening a new business in the hospitality industry, design and efficiency are two of the biggest factors in a successful business. From the service to the location to the building layout, it takes a certain amount of design sense to excel in hospitality. Lighting fixtures help set a relaxing mood for guests and can give your location’s design a sense of completion. Fixture manufacturing companies provide a variety of services to help you complete this process and create the best fixtures possible for your new space.

Using Different Features
Your location requires different kinds of lighting depending on location and size. Traditional hospitality lighting requires notable chandeliers to catch guests’ attention in the lobby and subtle wall sconces or smaller fixtures in the hallways. These guidelines can be changed depending on the size and capacity of your space, but the design of each piece must fit with the overall layout and design plan of the hotel.

Choosing and Ordering Your Fixtures
Once your design plan is established, you can visit a lighting manufacturer to select your new fixtures. Many companies list their current models on their websites; while these models can be purchased as listed, they can be further customized to your needs and design specifications. Lighting experts are available online and over the phone to help you create a design plan and answer any service questions you have. Based on their recommendations, you can create a portfolio of potential options to keep track of your choices and even use them later for other projects.

After placing your order, the company will send or make your custom fixtures. All available fixtures are made from recycled metals and sprayed with a protective coating before assembly. This coating will prevent damage caused by corrosion and give your fixtures a professional finish. Once the molds are ready, they are outfitted with energy-efficient LED lights to reduce your business’s overall energy consumption costs. The fixtures will be sent to your location for immediate installation. You will have a set of originally designed fixtures to give your business a unique accent or focal piece to catch guests’ attention right when they come in to the room.

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