When Disaster Strikes, Save Buildings With Service Master

When disaster strikes, call Fire Damage Restoration in Waldorf for immediate help. This branch of ServiceMaster by America’s Restoration Services can take care of water and fire damage quickly. Disaster cleaning and restoration is their specialty. They have the equipment and training to do the job correctly. When a disaster such as fire or flooding happens, it is essential to get help fast before the damage is made worse. Standing water can cause a mold infestation and further damage carpet, wood, and Sheetrock. When family papers and photographs are removed from the home quickly, many may be saved by careful drying techniques.

Companies allied with ServiceMaster by America’s Restoration Services are family owned and operated in their service communities. They offer 24-hour service for water and fire damage, vandalism, raw sewage cleanup, and bodily fluid clean up after homicides, natural deaths, and other incidents. When there has been standing water and damage, they can do water extraction, mold and mildew removal, odor abatement, cleanup of sewage, and drying and dehumidification. They can also do pack-outs as well as soot, and smoke removal. They can remove signs of vandalism and do necessary building repairs. The first step to getting a home or business back to good condition is to clean out all of the damaged materials, dry out the affected areas, and clean all surfaces.

When a business building is involved, the professionals will make sure there is as little downtime as possible. The goal is to get the business open to customers quickly. They will provide the business owner with cleanup estimates within 48 to 72 hours after being contacted. If there is wet or soiled carpet, the company can perform spot removal, drying and re-installation of carpet pad, and drying, storage, and re-installation of carpet. They always guarantee satisfaction and have many discount specials to choose from.

It is important to contact the service company as soon as possible to limit the damage caused by any disaster. Standing water and high humidity in a building can cause mold, mildew, odors, and escalating damage to building structural elements. Getting ruined products, belongings, and building materials off the site as soon as possible make the restoration process move faster. For more disaster remediation information, go to the website.

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