Using Carpet Cleaning Services in Bowie After A Flood

When a home suffers from water damage due to flooding, there will be a need to appropriately handle the removal and replacement of structural items and furnishings inside so they are not a hazard to those who come into contact with them. Flood water tends to harbor bacteria and harmful mold spores which lead to health problems if they are left in place. The carpeting is one area of the home that will need appropriate treatment to reduce the risk of sickness to those in the home. Here are some steps one can take in ensuring their carpet is cared for properly.

Remove The Carpeting

It is important to remove any carpeting where flood water had touched. Since water seeps down to the bottom layers of the material, mold spores may be present even after the carpeting seems dry. This can quickly spread and cause respiratory problems to those in the home. Rip out the carpeting using gloved hands. If the carpet is going to be salvaged, it will need to be rolled up for easy transport to Carpet Cleaning Services in Bowie.

Bring The Carpeting To A Service

It is best to bring the carpeting to a service dedicated to removing contaminants from the fibers. A carpet cleaning service would have the appropriate cleaning agents on hand to kill bacteria in its entirety and battle mold spores, so they are no longer a problem. They would also do a cleaning procedure to remove any stains left behind from the flood water that had accumulated within the material of the carpeting.

Install The Carpeting Properly

A carpet cleaning service would also have workers on hand to bring the carpet back to the home to have it installed. They would treat the flooring in the home before bringing in the carpet to nail back into place. The end result would be great looking carpeting that does not show indication of being in flood at all.

If someone needs Carpet Cleaning Services in Bowie, they will want to find a company that has experience with flood situations. Call ServiceMaster by America’s Restoration Services today to make an appointment for an evaluation of carpeting if desired.

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